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Behind Kaira is Laskentaosaajat Oy, established in 2021. We provide analytics services for the industrial and public sectors. Our engagements are long-term, as we typically work with ongoing client relationships.

Three principles of data-driven decision-making in industry

Creating a holistic view

Business modeling should be a seamless process where financial data can be integrated with operational information. Financial success requires operational performance or, at the very least, exceptionally successful balance sheet management. These goals and budgets must be created based on bidding and contract calculations, as well as investment calculations, while continuously measuring their realization. Kaira Industrial Metrics helps understand the impact of each part of the business on the overall picture.


Sufficient specialization

Surprisingly, the graphs we often see in advertisements are not usually sufficient. Specific standardized KPI metrics are used in different industry sectors, and in addition, Kaira has the flexibility to incorporate a client company’s specific indicators.


The right level of precision in the right place

For the executive team, it can be challenging to discern critical information from a vast, number-intensive table jungle. This is where KPI reports come in. On the other hand, a fleet manager may need detailed transaction-level information in addition to performance comparisons. That’s why we build the reporting framework from the bottom up.

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Kaira in a nutshell

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1. Business data source

Sources can include systems, spreadsheets, sensor events from machines and devices, or even Word documents. Data is automatically fetched into the data warehouse at the desired frequency.

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2. Kaira Datalayer

Data from all sources is harmonized. For example, inventory valuation or complex calculations are performed at this stage. New data sources and tracking targets can also be added gradually.
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3. Kaira Modeling

The Power BI data model encompasses business modeling and metric calculations. Practically unlimited tracking targets (dimensions) can be added to the data model. Data can be added to the model, and metrics can be presented at any level of precision, such as the finest level of sensor data or the corporate KPI level.
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4. Kaira Metrics

With Kaira Power BI reports, each user can see information tailored to their role and presented in an appropriate format. A unified data model ensures that the board, executive team, and managers view their respective perspectives while accessing the same information. Kaira’s reports assist both management and individual operators in staying updated on their performance in relation to the objectives.
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One reporting tool, all industry metrics

Kaira is a BI package tailored for industrial operations, which leverages the return on business data to a higher level than the sum of its parts A, B and C. All data is linked together, allowing cross-comparison of data from different domains. The Kaira PowerBI data model is modular, so domains can also be introduced in phases.

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