The modelled inventory and production module in Kaira is designed for inventory valuation and profitability calculation in the manufacturing process. Continuous calculation maintains daily production and raw material balances, as well as unit costs. Products and components are harmonized with the entire business, allowing for a production facility’s machinery and equipment inventory to be examined from a production process perspective. Production information is enriched with usage, maintenance, and disruption data, as well as comments from production managers.

"What is the operational operating profit margin for these product areas?"

While raw material usage may appear straightforward on a general ledger, real-life tracking requires some computational prowess. Fortunately, there is Kaira, which integrates production into the business data model, enabling the process to be examined from various financial perspectives. Concise daily reports provide clarity in process monitoring, and KPI reports compile key information in an easily usable format.

What do you want to know about the production process?

Do you want to model production data in an intelligent way to meet business needs? Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can use Kaira to automate calculations and build a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution.

Why utilize Kaira for production reporting and analytics?


You closely monitor the achievement of goals at a detailed level

With Kaira Metrics, you can conveniently access euro-based and performance-based comparative data and targets directly from the production plan.


You gain insights into production from multiple business perspectives.

Reports incorporate financial, operational, and equipment-specific data, enabling comprehensive performance measurement.


You utilize ready-made KPI and daily reports.

Daily reports, targeted comments, KPI reports provide clarity in process monitoring and deliver key information for management’s use.

Explore Kaira's industry-specific metrics

Kaira’s Power BI architecture is modular, allowing for the gradual adoption of industry-specific metrics. Below are examples of metrics that we recommend linking to the process production dashboard.

Were you left with any concerns?

Do you know where and how Kaira is installed? What metrics are built into Kaira? You can find answers to these and many other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Read, learn, and make an impact!

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