At Kaira, our expertise in controlling, analytics, and business intelligence within industrial, banking, and risk management sectors has driven the development of our platform. By seamlessly integrating data from various functions of a company, we have created a robust model for analyzing industrial business data.

All-in-one package for industry metrics

Kaira is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that seamlessly links all your business data together. With our platform, you can holistically manage your business by accessing sector-specific data in one centralized location. Our metrics can be easily implemented gradually, allowing CEOs to gain a budgeted overview and track achievements. Whether it’s analyzing targets, evaluating business unit performance, or planning future endeavors, Kaira empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

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How raw data transforms into knowledge

liiketoiminnan tietolähde -ikoni
liiketoiminnan tietolähde ikoni
1. Business data source

Sources can include systems, spreadsheets, sensor events from machines and devices, or even Word documents. Data is automatically fetched into the data warehouse at the desired frequency.

kaira datalayer ikoni
Kaira datalayer ikoni
2. Kaira Datalayer

Data from all sources is harmonized. For example, inventory valuation or complex calculations are performed at this stage. New data sources and tracking targets can also be added gradually.
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kaira modeling ikoni
Kaira modeling ikoni
3. Kaira Modeling

The Power BI data model encompasses business modeling and metric calculations. Practically unlimited tracking targets (dimensions) can be added to the data model. Data can be added to the model, and metrics can be presented at any level of precision, such as the finest level of sensor data or the corporate KPI level.
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4. Kaira Metrics

With Kaira Power BI reports, each user can see information tailored to their role and presented in an appropriate format. A unified data model ensures that the board, executive team, and managers view their respective perspectives while accessing the same information. Kaira’s reports assist both management and individual operators in staying updated on their performance in relation to the objectives.
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