Safety management

Kaira’s occupational safety reporting focuses on proactive measures, including safety observations, risk assessments, safety walks, and other safety actions. The KPI measurement is based on the frequency of these actions, relative to the number of working hours. Additionally, Kaira provides ready-made TRIF and LTA reports, as well as drill-down capabilities into accident descriptions and observation content. Kaira’s modeling enables advanced analytics for handling safety data.

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Do you want to gain a better overall understanding of your company’s occupational safety? Measure essential aspects in the right scale? Occupational safety is the result of numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. With Kaira, monitoring compliance with guidelines becomes significantly easier. In addition, you can effectively utilize KPI metrics in your company’s risk management.

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How does Kaira improve occupational safety?


You gain an overview and obtain comparable information from units

The effectiveness of guidelines can be assessed extensively and accurately, allowing for quick intervention in problem areas.


You measure relevant aspects in the appropriate scale

The quantity of safety measures is always relative to the scope of operations, ensuring that measures are appropriately scaled.


You can utilize ready-made industry-specific reports for various purposes

Safety reports with the right level of precision are available for the use of the board, management, supervisors, work management, and the entire staff.

One BI tool, all industry-specific metrics

In the industrial-specific BI solution, Kaira, all business data is interconnected. Metrics can be implemented gradually as well. Below are examples of metrics that we recommend linking to the safety package.

Did something leave you wondering?

Kaira is a reporting platform built on Microsoft Power BI, which consolidates business data in one place. If you’re interested in data-driven decision-making, it’s worth reading more about it on our FAQ page.

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