Maintenance management

Kaira’s modeling of machinery and equipment enables a comprehensive view of the entire fleet from the perspective of maintenance, operations, and financial performance. You can monitor the implementation of preventive maintenance by comparing maintenance hours with corrective maintenance. Cost data is readily available, allowing you to optimize planned activities and analyze lifecycle costs between machines or brands.

"Is the cost of the drilling parameter accurate in the calculation?"

Do you have a clear understanding of the performance of your machinery and equipment fleet? Are the labor hours for preventive maintenance and reactive repairs properly tracked? In addition to comprehensive analytical capabilities, Kaira provides standardized KPI reports that effectively capture key performance indicators of your organization. These include metrics such as utilization rates, availability, mean time to repair (MTTR), and equipment efficiency. With Kaira, you can gain a comprehensive overview for managing your entire business without requiring coding skills or prior experience with Power BI.


What would you like to know about your equipment?

We can help you gather the pieces of data together, clarify the situation, and build continuous reporting. You can reach us quickly via phone, email, or our contact form.

Why optimize equipment utilization and maintenance with Kaira?


Gain a holistic view from a business perspective

Maintenance and usage data are linked to production, financial, and other operational data. This provides you with the most comprehensive understanding of both the current operational performance of your equipment and its financial contribution.


Access all data from various sources

Kaira is an invaluable tool for data-driven decision-making. It retrieves data from machines and equipment practically from any source, such as ERP systems, sensors, spreadsheets, and more. Even if comments are collected in a free-form manner, Kaira can incorporate them into the tracking system.


Deliver information in the required format for all users

With Kaira, you can generate customized reports tailored for executives, managers, and supervisors. The executive team can monitor standardized KPI reports, while on-site personnel can conveniently access status reports, for example, through job site displays.

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Kaira is a BI package tailored to industrial operations, where all business data can be linked together. These business dashboards can also be deployed in phases. Below you can see the dashboards we recommend to use with the maintenance dashboard.

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