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Financial metrics and control are always built to serve the principles of the company’s existence. The fundamentals of value creation are set by the board of directors, establishing a purposeful cost and financial structure. Once the budget is established, the management and leadership have targets that the entire organization strives to achieve. With Kaira BI, executives, experts, or managers receive continuous feedback on their own actions and can anticipate future outcomes based on the data. The accounting of the group or company is fully integrated into the data model. Accurate financial data usually serves as the foundation for overall operational measurement. There is no limit to the number of tracking targets in Kaira, and the goal is to assign a monetary value to all possible activities.

"How much did it actually cost?"

What should the executive team know? And what about the managers? With Kaira, you provide users with real, granular data and budget monitoring instead of relying on familiar visuals from advertisements. The entire financial reporting is built on a unified data model, enabling both board and executive KPI reporting as well as specialized cost tracking for managers to be implemented on the same foundation. This achieves the principle of a single source of truth.

How would you like your financial reporting to work?

Are you looking to improve your forecasting and budgeting processes and monitoring? Do you need more information on income or cost reporting? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in painting the complete picture.

Why choose Kaira BI as the tool for financial reporting?


Harness data for forecasting

You can leverage comprehensive data in your dashboard for proactive decision-making. By combining financial and operational data, you can anticipate adjustment needs and drill down into problem areas.


Provide customized reports for your organization

Kaira includes KPI dashboards for the board and executive team, as well as advanced-level cost reports. With top-level reports, you can easily navigate to specific monitoring points with just a few clicks.


Adhere to a single version of the truth in numbers

Standard reports and ad-hoc analyses are based on the same data model. Customized cost reports and flexible tracking of equipment and machinery usage costs are also available.

Combine accounting and operational data - lead with predictive intelligence

Do you have any questions?

If you’re looking for more information about Kaira’s features, we recommend checking out our FAQ section, where you can find answers to commonly asked questions.

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