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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Kaira?

    Kaira is a reporting application that transforms data from various sources into actionable insights for business management.

  • Where and how is Kaira installed?

    Kaira operates through Power BI Service in your environment. We install the data connections, database queries, data model, and report package in your own environment, allowing you to freely use the entire application internally.

  • From which sources can Kaira retrieve data?

    We can retrieve data from virtually any source: data warehouses, ERP systems, other databases, Excel files, CSV files, or even Word documents. If the data is available to you, we can most likely process it.

  • What technology does Kaira use?

    Kaira is built on the Microsoft Power BI program. In addition, Kaira utilizes Microsoft Power Query, SQL Server, and Python.

  • Why is Kaira suitable for industrial sectors?

    Kaira has modeled industry-specific metrics, such as machine production efficiency, maintenance indicators, valuation of raw material inventory, and comprehensive financial reporting. Graphs commonly seen in advertisements often become less relevant as we delve deeper into the daily operations of a specific industry. Therefore, we have designed a data pipeline and data model in Kaira that is optimal for certain industrial sectors. This allows us to provide industry-specific reports in Kaira with a large number of standardized KPI metrics, as well as agile capabilities to create new metrics and indicators tailored to each customer’s needs.

  • What about pricing: what are the costs composed of?

    The costs consist of four components: one-time licensing fee for Kaira + implementation costs + Microsoft Power BI licenses + optional InfoRiver Matrix license.

  • How long does the implementation process take?

    Case A: If the reporting scope includes, for example, only one company and a straightforward operational metric package, Kaira Power BI reporting will be up and running 1-6 weeks from the time of order.

    Case B: If the reporting environment includes a data staging area, multiple industries, extensive definition work, and collaborative process planning, the Kaira package is likely to be implemented as a managed project within 3-18 months, depending on the phased approach.

  • We have calculations outside the system. How does data retrieval work from Excel files?

    Very well. Let it be clear that we do not shy away from Excel files; on the contrary, we warmly welcome them. All the data gathered for calculations is harmonized according to production and financial reporting standards. This allows us to generate both financial and operational budgets/targets from the data.

  • What pre-built metrics are included in Kaira?

    In addition to the flexibility to add any desired metrics to Kaira, the following metrics and indicators are pre-built in Kaira:



    • Utilization Rate
    • Throughput
    • Power Calculation
    • Production Targets



    • Average Repair Time / MTTR
    • Availability / Uptime%
    • Utilization Rate
    • Mean Time Between Failures / MTBF



    • Staff Availability
    • Staff Utilization Rate
    • Team Targets
    • Hourly Billing
    • Productivity, Labor Value per Hour



    • Changes
    • Deviations from Plan
    • Inventory Values



    • Customer Profitability
    • Cash Flow
    • Balance Sheet
    • Actuals vs. Targets/Budget and Forecast
    • Income Statement
    • Financial Ratios



    • Lost Time Accidents (LTA)
    • Incidents
    • Actuals vs. Targets
    • Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF)
    • Safety Observations

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