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Recording work hours is one of the fundamental pillars of improvement and process development. Hour meters provide answers to questions such as: what is the utilization rate of productive work for our staff, are we focusing on the right tasks throughout the day, what is our revenue per hour worked, and what is the actual burden of administration and fixed inputs.

"How has the new guidance affected production efficiency?"

Hour meters play a crucial role in learning to perform work that is relevant to the business. Tracking employee hours is not about ranking from most efficient to slowest, although a little healthy competition can sometimes be meaningful. Kaira’s built-in hour tracking allows for categorizing work in a way that helps identify, recognize, and correct process gaps.

How do you help people in their work?

Do you want to measure the efficiency of operators? The productivity of hourly workers? The progress of projects by experts? If you answered yes, then it’s worth contacting us – we can help.

Why use Kaira for employee development?


Enrich HR data with cost and production information in decision-supporting formats

Key performance indicators for human work can be linked to financial and production indicators. The value of modeled data and combined information is greater than the sum of its parts.


By leveraging all recorded data, you can effectively support support personnel, for example

Tasks are broken down into components, enabling robust support for the work of experts, operators, and support personnel.


HR director, management, supervisor, and employee reports can be found in the same place.

In addition to operational reporting, Kaira can also provide HR reporting, including metrics such as workforce productivity, key performance indicators, and sick leaves.

Explore our other industry-specific packages

Kaira is a tailored BI solution designed for the needs of the industry, where all business data is linked together. Metrics can be easily implemented in stages. Below, you can see industry-specific metrics that complement our employee package.

Did something leave you wondering?

Do you know from which sources Kaira can fetch data? What about the duration of the implementation process? You can find answers to these and many other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Read, learn, and make an impact.

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In 2021, Analytics Company, Laskentaosaajat Oy, was founded to provide BI services to the industrial and public sectors. We are a combination of high-level expertise and technology based in Oulu.

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