The performance of work types has been harmonized in Kaira’s data model, enabling comparisons of work sites and production efficiency at any level. There are multiple daily report templates for work sites, and production reports can be combined with financial indicators as desired. All data on machinery and equipment is also available in the reports, and production-related information is enriched with utilization, maintenance, and downtime data, as well as comments from management. Work type reports allow you to utilize different reports for different contracts, such as loading and transportation reports or excavation reports that include drilling and blasting information.

"How has the new guidelines affected production efficiency?"

Kaira Industrial Metrics is based on improving the overall picture. Production data can be compared with financial and operational information, allowing you to monitor goals and dependencies between production efficiency, costs, and maintenance. We also help identify the appropriate level of monitoring, distinguishing what is relevant for the operational aspects.

Do you want to have control over the overall picture of your projects?

Do you want to model production data in an intelligent way to meet your business needs? Let’s discuss further how we can automate calculations and build a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution.

Why leverage Kaira for production reporting and analytics?


Integration of calculations, operational data, and cost structure into a unified view.

With Kaira, euro-based and efficiency-based comparative data and targets can be easily accessed directly from contract calculations.



Understand the Overall Impact and Avoid Sub-Optimization

Worksite reports model financial, operational, and equipment-specific data, enabling performance measurement.


Receive Ready-made Reports for Distribution Throughout the Organization and to Clients

Concise daily reports provide clarity for job management monitoring, and KPI reports effectively compile key information for management’s utilization.


Explore Other Industry-specific Metrics as well

Kaira is a BI solution designed for industrial needs, where all business data is interconnected. Metrics can be easily implemented in stages. Below, you can see industry-specific metrics that, when combined with the equipment production package, offer more comprehensive information.

Do you have any lingering questions?

Do you know where and how Kaira is installed? What makes Kaira particularly suitable for industrial sectors? You can find answers to these and many other questions on our FAQ page. Read and learn about Kaira’s features.

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About the company behind Kaira

Laskentaosaajat Oy, an analytics company established in 2021, provides BI services tailored to the needs of the industrial and public sectors. Our mission is to gather scattered data fragments and transform them into valuable information.

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